Installation on Windows

Install Git

Verbose Guacamole currently requires you to have Git installed to use the version control features.

Unfortunately, Windows does not come with Git. If you'd like to test for it anyway, run git --version in the "Command Prompt" app, which should output your current version of Git if it is present.

If Git is not installed, install it from the official website.

Direct .exe File

First, find the most recent version on the Github Releases page. Don't pick a version that's title includes "Beta" or "RC", those are preview releases and not intended for normal use.

Open the accordion labelled "Assets" at the bottom of the release. Download the file that ends in ".exe".

You should be able to open the file normally, and it will install and run VerbGuac on your system (while it is installing, you will see an animation of code being written). You may receive a warning from your antivirus or Windows Smartscreen. If you trust us, you may safely ignore this warning.


To upgrade your version, follow the exact same steps and the new version will replace your old version. Make sure to close any running windows from Verbose Guacamole first!

In the Future

We are working on a system to automatically notify you when new updates are available. Until then, just check the home page of the app every now and then, which lists releases along with what your current release is.

These instructions are for installing on Windows.Get instructions for a different operating system.